Pinnacle coupon code

Pinnacle develops video software for the individuals, and it offers a great range. It is innovated for the skilled video editor, who requires accuracy and potent performance. The software is user friendly with a load of tools available to you. With the advantages of this software program, you will receive great value for money. Using your pinnacle coupon code, you qualify for further discounts, and excellent features. Continue reading Pinnacle coupon code

NPR’s One-Sided Take on Food, Inc.

I knew that American Public Media’s Marketplace was sponsored by Monsanto, but after listening to aWeekend Edition segment about Food, Inc. I’m starting to think that NPR is under the thumb of big agribusiness too. Under the pretense of “balanced” coverage, the segment, “Debate Over Food Movie Misses Most Farmers,” contends that most farmers disagree with the thesis forwarded in Food, Inc. and actually favor the use of GMO crops, chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Continue reading NPR’s One-Sided Take on Food, Inc.

New Video: What Is Biodynamic Farming?

During our travels across America, I’ve been lucky to visit many beautiful farms and gardens. But none have captivated my imagination quite like Frog Hill Farm in Port Townsend, Washington. The farm’s diverse acres include woodlands, an herb and flower garden, wetlands, pastures for goats, ducks and chickens as well as neat rows of vegetables. Sebastian Aguilar, who runs the farm with his family, has taken his organic certification to the next level by employing biodynamic farming practices. Continue reading New Video: What Is Biodynamic Farming?

New Video: What Is Aquaponics?

In the Chicago neighborhood where I live, I’m lucky to have a small Green Grocer that specializes in local organic food and drinks. When Mark and I recently tried some tilapia fillets from Aquaranch, we were blown away by the freshness and flavor of the fish. We asked Green Grocer’s Cassie Green about the product and she referred us to Aquaranch owner Myles Harston, an innovator in aquaponics who grows fish and organic vegetables just a few hours south of Chicago, in Flanagan, Illinois. Continue reading New Video: What Is Aquaponics?