CalNaturale Svelte Organic Gluten Free Protein Shake review

Best CalNaturale Svelte Organic Gluten Free Protein Shake reviews

CalNaturale Svelte Organic Gluten Free Protein Shake is found in three different flavors which are French Vanilla, Cappuccino and Chocolate. It is packaged in a Tetra park which is appropriate for someone who likes to travel. It is a healthy and quick way to add the proteins to the diet. It is kosher, vegan, gluten free and organic.

The ingredients used in this product 

When you read the CalNaturale Svelte Organic Gluten Free Protein Shake reviews, you will find that the products are multifunctional and premiums that offer positive nutrition and great taste for improved vitality made from simple and pure organic ingredients.  The drinks are vegan since they are non dairy; they are certified to be gluten free and cholesterol free.  They are delicious and healthy and they can be used as meal replacement for pre and post workout or they can be taken anytime that a person wants.

Its creamy and rich flavor makes it easy to control the hunger and to keep a person going and it gives the right nutrients. The product has 20 percent of the protein needed daily made from the soy milk, it has fiber made from organic inulin with the sustained energy from the organic complex like inulin, syrup from the brown rice and daily carbohydrates.  The product also has important minerals and vitamins which include the antioxidants, zinc and calcium.  Svelte used is considered as the low glycemic product with low profile of sugar.

The product is found in different options

As reported in the CalNaturale Svelte Organic Gluten Free Protein Shake reviews, the products is preferred because it is available in different flavors which are banana crème, cappuccino, French vanilla, chocolate and by using  organic ingredients for flavors but not just flavor.  The product taste is preferred over other options; it is priced on the best price compared to its quality.  The drink is certified to be kosher, gluten free and USDA organic.  It has low glycemic rate because of low sugar.

What people like most about the product

People are always happy on how these products are delicious. For most healthy products people only have to deal with what they get. The three flavors are loved by all and the best thing about the products is that the people do not get tired of it. The product is found in smaller and bigger bottle so you can use it on the breakfast or to supplement a meal.  The products can easily be taken while on the load and people like this most because it is sweeter than other meal replacements.

Through the CalNaturale Svelte Organic Gluten Free Protein Shake reviews,  people like it because it is creamy and rich and even if it is a protein drink, they do not have a proteiny taste with them. A large size is re-closable and it is easy to drink a half and to keep the other half safe.

CallNaturale is a company under California Natural Products and it is the leading company in natural foods.  CNP is known for its excellence and innovation of the organic and natural foods with other beverage.  The CalNaturale has come to be known as the best brand when it comes to organic protein shake in the entire America.