How healthy is organic food

Is it true that organic foods are healthier?

Many people who are looking to stay healthy, they look for organic foods. However, there are always the concern about how healthy is organic food. Now everything has turned to be organic from the processed foods, milk, meat, vegetables and fruits.

Why people take organic foods 

According to the studies, organic foods have more antioxidants compounds that are linked to the better health compared to the regular foods. The lower level of pesticides and toxic metals as reported by the comprehensive scientific analysis up to now.  The researchers had found out that the antioxidants found in the organic fruits. Now the studies want to find out if there is any link between these ingredients to the health benefits of the people.  However, even if the studies shows that there are these benefits, the problem is to know at which variation and how they help the people.

healthy eatingMany people start to eat organic foods because they are caring, taste and health for the environment and nature and these are the three reasons why people turn to organic foods. People also start to eat organic foods to reduce the chemical residue.  Other reasons are healthy eating, care of nature and environment and welfare of the animals.

Organic foods have a high level of antioxidants

During the organic farming the plants produce too much antioxidants compound that fight off the pest attacks which means that the high level of the antioxidants results from the lack of the protection from the chemical sprays.  However, the scientists say that there are other reasons like the bred that are tough and which have not been overfed with the artificial fertilizers.

High level of antioxidants had been linked to the reduced risk of the chronic diseases and this includes cardiovascular diseases, cancers and neurodegenerative diseases. However, there are not yet the studies that show the health benefits of organic foods in the long term.

Organic foods are less toxic

The researchers found out that there is high level of the toxic metal, cadmium in the conventional crops. The residue of pesticide is also over four times in the conventional food compared to the organic food and this is the basic of the studies of how healthy is organic food.

healthyWhen it comes to the nutritional values of the organic food, it was found out that the foods that have been grown conventionally and natural organic foods have no that much difference in their nutritional value, but only for some few exceptions like high level of omega-3 fatty acid in the organic milk.  The organic foods are less likely to get contaminated with the synthetic pesticides compared to the conventional products. The organic meats like pork and chick do not harbor too much bacteria called superbugs.

This is a type of the infection that is hard to be treated in the people and in the animals. For some people especially the children can benefit more when they eat the food with fewer superbugs and less pesticides. However, there is a limitation of the pesticides allowed by the government and there is no need to limit the exposure to a small amount of the pesticide by paying high for organic products. The researchers are still looking how people can benefit more from eating organic foods that are free of GMOs, irradiation, herbicides and chemical pesticides.