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New Video: What's Organic About Organic Beer?

In our latest video, we catch up with Chad Kennedy, Head Brewer at Portland's Laurelwood Public House and Brewery. Portland is of course known for its beer and microbreweries, and the Portland beer scene has been swept up in the organic movement in recent years (which is why the North American Organic Brewers Festival was held in Portland over the weekend).

Laurelwood wasn't the first certified-organic brewery in Oregon, but it has been the longest lasting. Chad and his brewers have two organic brews, the the Free Range Red and Tree Hugger Porter, and if Dorothee and Chad seem a bit happier than usual, it's because we had the pleasure of tasting both of them during the shoot.

Chad walked us through the whole process of brewing organic beer, and to our surprise he told us that hops aren't actually organic in some organic beers. The USDA only requires that 95 percent of the ingredients in certified-organic beer are themselves organic, and because organic hops are in very short supply right now, conventional hops are often used in certified-organic beer.

For the full story, click "play" on the video player above, and check out the rest of our videos here. If you're having trouble with the video player above, try viewing it on YouTube.


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