Nutiva Organic Shelled Hempseed review

Best Nutiva Organic Shelled Hempseed reviews

Nutiva Organic Shelled Hempseed is the most nutritious seeds that can be found around. it is rich in vitamins, protein and omega-3 and 6. It is a raw gourmet product, it has pine nuts tastes and it is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and chemical pesticides.

Even if hempseeds may come as butter, milks or oils, the most preferred way to take them as shown by Nutiva Organic Shelled Hempseed reviews is to take them when they are still whole.  The seeds are still unprocessed, whole and also unrefined.

Who makes this product?

Nutiva is the company based in California and it is dedicated in producing organic and most wholesome nutritious hemp foods.  People who eat the hemp seeds like the nutritional benefits they get from them.  Even if there is no much difference when it comes to the hempseeds, organic sources are high quality because they do not include chemicals or additives.

The organic hempseeds are completely organic and they have been certified by QAI and USDA. The seeds are packed law and they are cold pressed where the oxygen is removed so that they can maintain the freshness for a long period and their omega three does not become affected.

The health benefits of hempseeds

The freshness of the seeds is apparent from the first day that the bag is opened and the seeds look oily but there are some brands with the hempseeds that are too dry. In addition of high level of omega three, protein and other vitamins, the seeds also have high level of phosphorous, zinc, iron and magnesium. These are the nutrients that are good for most people but especially for the vegetarians and vegan.

The seeds look creamy white and the Nutiva Organic Shelled Hempseed reviews’ writers say that they have a nutty taste but which is pleasant at the same time. The seeds are versatile when it comes to the usage. The seeds can be added to anything that a person eats like stir fry dishes, pasta dishes and salad. They are the best in the smoothies or you can use them to bake.  However, to avoid nutrients loss, it is good to take them in their wholesome and raw options.

How to use hempseeds in different recipes

As reported in the Nutiva Organic Shelled Hempseed reviews, the product is not only great with enough nutrients but it is also affordable.  People use the seeds to sprinkle them on the veggies, salads, soups, yogurt, omelets and cereals. There is no need to soak the hempseeds in order to be able to get its optimal nutritional benefits.

The hempseeds can be mixed with cardamom, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, stevia, honey, maple syrup or just water to make white milk form.  The seeds will stay fresh for long but it is better to refrigerator them after opening so that they do not turn rancid.  The seeds can also be used to make the smoothies when mixed with the frozen cherries and frozen bananas or cacao powder. They can also be mixed with the almond milk and they make wonderful nutritious smoothies which can be made in the morning and the taste stays with the person the entire day.