Organic valley milk coupons

Save with organic valley milk coupons for your quality milk

Organic Valley is known to sell the milk of all-grass-fed cows and farmers who are allowed in the scheme should have access to the grass all year around. The dairy cows do graze on the pasture and most of the time, these organic dairy cows should spend more than 120 days or a third of the year out grazing.  The company is looking on how to produce 100 percent Grass milk and when this brand takes off, it will open the doors for the people who are looking for the alternatives to the mass produced products that are based on the confinement systems.

The benefits of organic milk

There are many benefits of the grass-fed animals like more omega 3 fatty acids with conjugated linoleic acid known as good fat.  There are also social and environmental reasons why you should think about grass-based foods.

Organic valley milk 1However, you should keep always in mind that it is hard to produce the milk from the grass-fed animals at 100 percent.  Because the principle of the organic farming practices for the farmers in the organic valley do their best in maximizing dried and fresh forages so that the animals can be healthy for the entire year.  They also know that the milk that it is produced from the grazing cows has better level of the beneficial omega 3 with the CLA fatty acid.

Why it is hard to find 100 percent grass-fed cows

Even if most of the Organic valley farmers do not give feed grain to their animals, they can be some reasons why the organic valley milk cannot be 100 percent grass-fed.  The soil of the farmers is not ready to be converted into full time pasture.  The cows should be transitioned in a slow way from the grain diet, to go for less grain until they are completely on the grass.  Farmers do not have enough land based on the produce of the additional forage to supplements the diet when the grain is taken out of the diet.

Now it is easy to get Organic Valley products at a cheaper price through the use of organic valley milk coupons.  The milk is being produced to fulfill the specific demands of the consumers for the non-homogenized milk of the cows that are not feed on the grain. The grassy flavor in the milk is unique and it can change as the season changes.

Where to buy milk and to get the organic valley milk coupons

Organic valley milk 1If you want to enjoy delicious and wholesome milk with eggs but you do not want to go to the nearest farm to get it, then you should look for the products of organic valley milk. The organic valley do uses the farmers who are closer to you in order to provide to you the fresh dairy products with more items.  The products are from the farmers who are near you and you will always be sure of getting fresh and GMO free products.

To get the organic valley milk coupons, you can print them out from the Facebook page of the company, from the whole foods outlets and where organic valley products are sold.  You can get also the coupons when you sign up for the company’s news letter. With the newsletter, you will learn about special offers, recipes and news about organic milk.