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Food Curated: NYC's Early Bird Granola 

As you may have noticed, we're pretty big fans of Food Curated, the NYC-based website that produces videos about local food. Recently, and to our delight, filmmaker Liza DeGuia (aka SkeeterNYC, who was recent nominated for a James Beard award) has been producing new videos at a furious pace.

In the latest, she checks in with Nekisia Davis, founder of Early Bird Granola in Brooklyn, who mixes the granola herself using mostly organic ingredients. "Every bag of Early Bird Granola is handmade, hand-mixed and hand-packed with 'salt, olive oil and love...it's all about the love.'" It's all about the olive oil, too. When making granola in the past, I've used canola oil, but after watching this I'm anxious to try olive oil.

We don't have Early Bird in Chicago, but we do have Milk & Honey Granola, which is my personal favorite. What kind of granola do you eat?