Viva labs organic extra virgin coconut oil review

Best Viva labs organic extra virgin coconut oil reviews

Viva labs The Finest Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is cold pressed, extra virgin and unrefined oil made from coconut. It is kosher certified, USDA certified and it is gluten free. The product does not include trans-fats, bleach, pesticides or GMO. The coconut oil has the melting level of 76 degree Fahrenheit and it can be shipped in the liquid or solid form. It is safe to be consumed when it is solid or liquid. The oil has MCT or medium chain triglycerides used for increased energy and weight management.

Different uses of coconut oil

From the viva labs organic extra virgin coconut oil reviews, every coconut put into the Viva labs coconut oil has to be handpicked when it is at its peak in order to achieve the best nutritional values and freshness. The oil is the pure choice for the people who are looking to go for natural lifestyle. It can be used in baking, cooking or like a dietary supplements. People also use it for natural beauty.

For dietary supplementation, the user should take 1-4 tables spoon everyday to achieve the best result. For cooking, it can be cooked up to 350 degree Fahrenheit. It is used like a dairy free alternative of butter in baking or cooking other favorite foods. For skin care, it can be used like a luxurious moisturizer for the body and it helps people with dry and rough heels and elbows.

For the hair care, it is natural and restorative mask used for the hair and it adds manageability and hydration to the hair and the scalp.  The oil is rich in the medium-chain triglycerides or MCT which is a unique form of the fatty acid which are used by a body like a source of energy and it was found out that it helps in maintaining healthy weight, it increases the stamina and it promotes healthy metabolism for the nutrients. The oil is cold pressed so all the nutrients are kept safe and you will be able to enjoy better aroma and delicious taste.

What people like on the coconut oil

There are many reasons why people always give positive viva labs organic extra virgin coconut oil reviews.  The oil is made from the coconuts raised from rich soil in Philippine. The area is known to have exotic palm trees that have pearl white pulp with the delectable sweetness. Only top-grade coconuts are chosen by hands when they are at their peak of fragrance and freshness.

Coconut oil helps the body in many ways

The cold pressed coconut can penetrate easily in the skin tissues, cleansing, moisturizing and clarifying the skin. The oil is converted into the energy by the liver at once and this promotes healthy weight management.

When you read the viva labs organic extra virgin coconut oil reviews, you will find that the oil is used in many ways. It can be used as a hair mask to get healthier hair and it can be used like moisturizer or while shaving.  People who have sensitive skin can use the oil since it is inexpensive and it is safe without different types of rough chemicals. It helps the people to get rid of dry skin and the acne.