what does organic mean on a food label

What does organic mean on a food label of different products

As other many people, you may be concerned about what does organic mean on a food label.  USDA defines that the goal of the organic foods with the organic farming is for integrating mechanical, biological and cultural practices which encourage the cycling of the resources, to promote the ecological balance and which conserves the biodiversity.

When a label should have organic seal

For the foods to have the USDA organic or to be certified organic, the item has to have the ingredients that have been listed to be more than 95 percent of the foods that had been certified organic. This means that the food if free of the synthetic additives such as dyes, chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It should not be processed by using the industrial solvent, genetic engineering and irradiations.  The 5 percent that it is remaining, it should be processed with the additives on the approved list.

food label 3In addition of the certified organic, there are other label that you can find on the market such as 100 percent organic which means that ingredients found meet the guidelines set. The label made with organic means that the ingredients have at least 70 percent or even more of the organic ingredients. In such cases, the USDA seal should not be used at the package and the remaining 30 percent of ingredients should not be processed additives using the additives that are made on the special exclusion list.

What happens when the product is not fully organic?

When the company violates the guidelines set, it has to pay some penalties.  Low penalties with the products that are entering into the market, they had led to the skepticism that USDA is enforcing its label, punishing the violators and inspecting the foods. There are people who worry that the term organic have turned in the marketing term and it has little meaning now.  Whenever you buy the organic food from many stores that are well known or with good brands, you will be sure that it does meet guidelines.

When you know what does organic mean on a food label, you should also learn about the benefits of taking organic foods. You need to consider more things than just the price tag with the nutritional content.

Other labels not to be confused with the organic label

food label 1In addition of knowing what does organic mean on a food label, you should also be aware of other labels that exist so that you can know what you are looking for. Even if some label may say that they are organic or natural, such labels may not be under any regulation. The natural term means that the food does not contain any artificial ingredients and preservatives but these ingredients have been minimal processed.  However, these foods can contain growth hormones and antibiotic or even chemicals.

You have to keep in mind that natural does not mean organic. Other labels are all natural, hormones free and free range.  These terms can be truthful but they should not be confused with the organic food. The foods that have been processed in the accordance of the USDA organic standards may be labeled standards.  Before the users start using the organic label, they should submit the application to get certification.