What does usda certified organic mean?

What does usda certified organic mean?

Together with other information that people look on the package of the foods such as the dietary claims and ingredients lists, organic is one of these information that appear on the package. When you are able to understand the really meaning of the organic, you can easily make a decision when you go to the market to buy your next meal.

Organic guidelines take into account every step used in producing the products

The organic foods certified by USDA have to be grown and also processed as under the federal guidelines that address the factors like weed and pest control, raising practices and the use of additives.  The organic procedures are based on the natural substance, biological, mechanical and physical based farming that reach the fullest extent.

usda organic 1The produce is said to be organic when it is certified that it was grown at the soil that had not used the prohibited substance within the three years before the harvest. The prohibited substance may include the synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.  When a farmer wants to use any type of synthetic substance in order to achieve a certain reason, such substance has to be approved first according to the criteria that was given and which examines the effect of such substance to the human health or environment.

The guidelines that govern organic animal products

For the organic meat, the regulations require that the animals have to be raised in the living conditions that accommodate their own natural behavior, like the ability of grazing on the pasture, fed on organic forage and feeds and they should not be given the hormones and antibiotics.  When the foods are processed and they are multi-ingredients, there are some more standards that have to be followed before they came to be known as organic foods.

The organic processed foods should not contain the flavors, colors and preservatives. There are some organic foods that can use such non agricultural ingredients such as pectin in the fruit jam, yogurt in the enzymes and the baking soda in the baked goods.

When a product should use organic label

For the packaged food, what does usda certified organic mean is that the foods has more than 70 percent of the ingredients that have been organically produced. Remaining 30 percent of the ingredients are produced without the use of the prohibited practices like the genetic engineering, but they may include some products which may not be known as the organic products.

usda certified organic 2When a product is made using the organic products, it will not bear the USDA organics’ seal but other organic products have to identify who was the USDA-accredited certifier.  You may look for a certifier for the packaged products to verify the organic product that meets the organic standards of the USDA.

Organic foods should not have any product handled or even grown by the use of the genetically modified organism since the organic standards prohibits it. Becoming familiar with how the label of USDA is written and the claims behind it, it will empower the consumers in making the informed decision about the foods that they are buying. Even if there are many claims about the value that it is being added to the foods, the consumers will be assured about the USDA organic products since they are verified to be organic from the farm to the store.