What is the difference between organic and non organic foods?

What is the difference between organic and non organic foods?

Many people are interested to know what is the difference between organic and non organic foods; in terms of the price, safety and nutrition. Before, organic food were only found in the health food stores but now the organic foods have become the regular feature in most supermarkets. This has produced a bit of the dilemma in the aisle of the produce.

When foods are labeled organic

The organic word is about how the farmers grow and how they process their agricultural products like meat, dairy products, grains, vegetables and fruits. The organic practices have been designed so that they can encourage water and soil conservation while they reduce the pollution. The farmers who produce their products organically, they do not use the conventional methods of controlling the weed or fertilizing. Organic farmers use natural fertilizers in feeding the plants and the soil while they use the crop rotation and mulch in managing the weeds.

non organic foods 2The foods to be called organic, they have to meet the organic standards that have been set.  Such standards are about how the foods have to be gown, to be handled and to be processed. The foods before they are labeled as organic, they need to be certified. Producers who only sell under 5,000 dollars each year, should be exempted from such certification.  When the food has the organic label, it means that it had been produced and also processed under the set standards.

The difference in the appearance of organic and non-organic foods

When it comes to the shape and size, there is a physical different between the non organic and organic versions.  The organic produce are in the shapes and sizes which look as if they are imperfect while the non-organic produce look as if they are all the same. For the meat, even if organic meat may look the same with non-organic meat in the coloration, the size of the organic meat may look somehow smaller. This is because the non- organic animals are treated with the growth enhancing substance which is commonly used in the non-organic meat production and they lead to bigger cuts.

The difference in quality between non organic and organic products

Deciding about the quality that exists between non-organic and organic produce can be something difficult. This is because there are the differing values that have been assigned to the quality when it comes to the foods.  Normally, the organic food products may have met the standards which apply for the non-organic foods but such organic foods has to meet the additional set of standards which are not used for non-organic products.

non organic foodsFor the quality, people choose organic food because it has low impact on the environment, less synthetic and additive use with the strict regulations in the farming practice that have greater quality in the food that has to be eaten.  However non organic foods can be considered as food with better quality for the people who are looking for large sizes and product consistency.

For the nutritional value, it was found out that there is not that much difference between the non-organic and organic products.  The area with a great difference for what is the difference between organic and non organic foods, is when it comes to pesticides, additives or other substances since organic does not have them in high number like non-organic products.