what makes fruit organic

What makes fruit organic and benefits of organic fruits?

Organic agriculture is used to refer to the farming practices which are used to enhance and to promote the biodiversity, soil biology activities and biological cycles. This means fertilization techniques which do not use the products that have been chemically manufactured, crop rotation and soil management.  

Some people think that what makes fruit organic is the absence of the chemicals and pesticides but this is not the entire true.  The regulations request that they should be less amount of the chemical and pesticides in the organic fruits and not that much as in the non-organic counterparts. However, the organic fruits should contain the traces of the chemicals and pesticides that are used for the biological control.

Organic does not mean total absence of the pesticides

organic fruits 2Using of natural pesticides in the organic foods had been allowed. However, the use has to be documented and tolerance level of such biological pesticides needs to be determined with only little research that exists according to the residue.  There are concerns that some organic foods may lead to some health risk since they are contaminated with the bacterial or fungus. There is also an increase in natural heavy metals and toxins.

Since the studies had shown no difference in the nutritious value in both non organic and organic foods, the difference between them is only about how they have been grown. To grow organic fruits, manure and compost should be used but not chemical fertilizers. The use of fungicides, pesticides and herbicides are also not allowed. There is a big environmental benefit because of the organic fruits and this is not denied by anyone.

Organic fruits have to be cleaned

Before you start to buy organic fruits, you need to keep the following in mind. Organic fruits are expensive compared to the normal veggies and fruits.  This is because they need time with the needed labor in order to reach to the market. Organic fruits do not have more nutrients compared to the regular produce. You need to wash organic fruits in the same way as you would regular foods to remove the bacteria and dirty and you should take all the precaution of food handling while preparing the organic produce.

organic fruitsEven if the use of the pesticides is not allowed, there are some that are permitted under some circumstances. Organic fruits are not always produced local and they may be transported a long way to reach you and this is counteract the goal of organic farming which is saving the environment.

Nutrients that are found in high level in organic fruits

Organic grains and produce has a high level of the protective antioxidants, low level of pesticide residue and low level of the toxic known as metal cadmium that are found in the foods that are developed in the regular way.  Organic foods have some significant advantages when it comes to the nutrition and they reduce the risks which are associated to the pesticides and cadmium.

The new research has found out the specific numbers about the level of the nutrients and the evidence of the level of cadmium level. The nutrients and high level of antioxidants difference depends on how the nutrients are produced in different way.  Organic fruits also produce more antioxidants to respond to the environmental stress such as pests.