what makes meat organic

When the meat is called organic

If you are not sure of what makes meat organic, you need to know that organic translates in one way how the cattle has been raised and how the cattle should not be raised on the other side.

How to raise organic animals

The animals do not have to be confined in the feed for a long period; they should not be over-crowded or even kept into the unsanitary condition. They should not be indirectly or directly exposed to the GMO, synthetic contaminants, hormones, antibiotics, fertilizers and artificial pesticides.

organic meat 1Organic meat is becoming popular in the people who are health conscious and a term organic can be misleading.  There are also other labels like hormone free, natural and free range. It may be too difficult for the consumers to be able to determine what such terms mean and how they may relate to the meat quality.

The difference between organic and non organic meat

The difference between non organic and the organic meat depends on how the animals have been raised. The farmers should refrain against using the animals’ byproducts to feed the animals. The conventional raised animals may be fed with rendered remains of the cattle, chicken, pigs and horses. The animals that have died because of the animals, they are then grounded again in the feed and they spread the diseases to other animals which eat such cheap source of the animals feed.

Some of such diseases are the mad cow with the encephalopathy diseases. The organic farmers should not use the growth hormones or to use the urea, plastic pellets and manure to feed the animals. However, other farmers have not been prohibited to do such.  The slaughterhouse of the organic producers has to be inspected on daily basis. The feed mills may not allow the contaminants like the hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, insecticides and rodenticides.

In order to prevent the cross contamination, the slaughterhouse should start by sterilizing the equipments that have been used on the non-organically raised animals before they start to slaughter the animals that have been organically raised.

The meat that qualifies to use USDA seal

To know what makes meat organic, keep in mind that in order to receive the seal of USDA, the farmer has to submit the paperwork, to pay the fees and to maintain all the records of where he got the livestock, the veterinary care and the quality of the feed. The site has to undergo the inspection and a representative of the farm should be interviewed.

organic meat 2When a product has been marked organic, it means that it may have up to 5 percent of the ingredients that may not be organic. When a label state that a product has been made with the organic ingredients, it means that it may contain at least 30 percent of the non organic ingredients. You should look for a label that say 100 percent in order to make sure that there is no non-organic products that are found in the meat. The USA certified organic food should display the official USDA organic label.

The organic food may cost even more compared to the nonorganic foods and this deters some people against buying the organic meat. It is costly to the farmers in raising the organic animals and the USDA requires the fee for inspections before the meat can be certified organic.